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I took this picture of M8, the "Lagoon Nebula" with my trusty Celestron C11CGE in 2008. Since it is NOT grossly over-exposed, the image reveals a rather obvious whirling cloud pattern (emphasis added), originating from Earth's general direction toward the general direction of the Milky Way's galactic center. A Genesis 1 primal-water desiccation path? (as opposed to 
a "dust lane across the nebula")  Something to think about!



Presenting a  GENESIS to Revelation condensed paradigm... A thorough Biblical view of the nature of the Universe!


Be amazed at the details of revelation on the subject of cosmology. We have lost our children to  evolutionary dogma, seemingly supported by "ancient starlight" for decades. It is time to REHTINK our foregone conclusions about the cosmos!


​Tye Rausch is a lifelong Bible student, amateur astronomer, author and illustrator. His illustrations and works are published in various formats including electronic educational works on K-12 levels. He has taught college, high school, and Yeshiva courses, and pastored for many years, and is the father of six grown children with 18 grandchildren. He and his wife of 41 years reside in the Dallas, TX area.


Tye Rausch has been moved by Scripture to launch this discussion. The result:  many Yeshivas, sermons, and lessons addressing the way Bible-believers should think about the nature of the cosmos...

  1. The prima facie role of water in Creation and the present Cosmos (2 Peter 3:5)

  2. A fresh look at the form of our Milky Way Galaxy

  3. A challenging hypothesis concerning QSOs

  4. What must the Sign of the Return of Meshiach (Christ) be?

Brief View_LuLu-png-cover E2-sm.jpg
"A Brief Biblical View of Everything"
Sold at, (click picture to view/purchase on coffee table style book, 56-pg. paperback, if purchased with Teacher Handbook (below), serves as a dynamic student text. May be purchased separately!
"THB A Brief Biblical View of Everything THB"
Sold at, (click picture to view/purchase on coffee table style book, 87-pg. Teacher's Handbook resource, may be purchased with main text (above), to enable a  15-week college-style course. Purchase together OR separately!



This is a dynamic curriculum-style text. It is a "coffee table" format 8 1/2" x 11" easy-to-read book, AND, for serious efforts, a college-style Teacher Handbook, outlining a 15-week curriculum structure, complete with evaluation instruments (quizzes and exams to duplicate) as well as page-by-page teaching tips and extra materials to help make the subject easier to teach! Lots of content that is not included on this website!   MAY BE PURCHASED INDIVIDUALLY OR  TOGETHER.





Tired of Christian churches and families losing their children as soon as they begin formal "education?"  This book will help arm your youth and adults for real life! It is a dramatic Bible-keyed apologetic  that enables a consistent Biblical worldview, and ultimately a literal understanding the nature of the universe, and Apocalyptic Prophecies. Comparing the data of "natural revelation" to the facts of "special revelation", it takes both Old Testament (Tanach) and New Testament (B'rit Chadashah) passages and uses them to vet modern data. Adjust YOUR understanding of the data through a Biblical world view with this book. Presented in a lighthearted but serious tone, the content is heavily illustrated and cartooned. Tough concepts are presented in an understandable way. A plus for any Bible student, scholar, or curious believer's library.


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