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III. GOD Used Water to Create Everything

Genesis 1:2 and 2 Peter 3:5 literally tell us that with immense POWER the Spirit of GOD moved on the faces of huge abyssal waters, and that in the last days, mankind will be willfully ignorant of the Almighty's awesome use of water for both the Creation acts and Noah's Flood. Dr. Edward Boudreaux is a PhD who firmly believes that GOD created all of the Periodic Table of the Elements using water. The following videos are part of his summation of his book, GOD Created the Earth , on the subject. FIRST, Dr. Boudreaux establishes the fact that IF ONE WITH ENOUGH POWER is working on it, the entire Periodic Table can be proven mathematically to be potentially (and actually) produced from water in mere minutes (NOT "billions of years!").

GOD Created Using Water

SECOND, Dr. Boudreaux discusses the mathematics of water-synthesized elements, and demonstrates how RADIOMETRIC HALF-LIVES cycles occur in MINUTES under such high-temperature conditions, causing the APPEARANCE of ancient age in rocks and elements. With these important observations, we begin to unravel the false "science" of the modern age, one layer at a time.

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